April 05, 2000

We are a group of 12 families that are employed in various capacities

by the TV and film industry and whose children all attend a public

elementary school in La Crescenta. Our aim is to demystify the

entertainment industry and to place a human face on the film industry tax

initiative issue.

There are 249,700 people employed by this industry in Los Angeles

County and 600,000 in California generating $35 billion in state revenue.


Our industry surpasses all others in employee numbers for our region. It

is clear we are the person living next door, contributing mightily to the

production that has pushed L.A. County's economy to 16th largest in the


We are not millionaires. We are your neighbors working in an industry

without respect for seniority, with unbelievably long hours, uncertain

health insurance, uncertain pension and, most importantly, nonexistent

job security.

The majority of us, the ranks of our industry, are not paid

phenomenally; our wages have just kept pace with inflation.

We are not complaining. Many of us have worked in this industry for

more than two decades and long ago resigned ourselves to these

conditions, because this is the occupation that we want, were educated

for and/or have done all our adult lives.

We are asking for understanding and support from our community. Job

insecurity is an accepted reality for us as we search, in many cases,

multiple times each year for the next show, commercial or video. Weeks of

unemployment alternating with jobs consisting of 12 minimum-hour days are

the reality that our families live with. Our plea is for a resolution to

the double job insecurity now plaguing us as productions increasingly

flee to Canada in search of tax breaks, which are nonexistent here.

This industry, which has been the source of income for many, many

families in our community and buoys the local economy indirectly, is in

serious danger of operating locally only as corporate offices overseeing

the production of its products north of the border.

Please help American families keep this distinctly American industry

within our borders. As a Californian, let Gov. Gray Davis know your

desire to retain our position as the home of the television and film

industry. As an American, demonstrate your support of this uniquely

American industry by contacting your national legislators and ask that

they vote on existing bills and develop additional bills that assist in

keeping American jobs home.

We welcome ideas, replies and support from other film industry

families in our campaign to dispel myths and generate support at


Families United for Legislation Fighting Indiscriminate Loss of


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