Retired basketball official remembers his Glendale roots fondly

December 01, 2000

Chuck Benedict

Bob Herrold's life began at Glendale Memorial Hospital and it

continues now in retirement in a home he built in Auberry, a scenic

foothills town northeast of Fresno.

With five children scattered, Bob and Elaine Herrold this year

celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary in a house of their own design,

delightfully located near Sequoia and Yosemite. But the path between eras


and locations has been fascinating for one of the west coast's top

basketball officials.


CHUCK BENEDICT: You were educated in Glendale?

BOB HERROLD: At Hoover High School (graduating in 1948) and Glendale

Community College. After the military, I came back to coach swimming and

water polo at Hoover and at Crescenta Valley High. I retired from the

GUSD School system in 1984.

CB: Were you an athlete?

BH: At Hoover, I was on an outstanding basketball B team. We were

something like 19 and 1 for the season. I played varsity at GCC, where we

beat top-level Ventura on its home court. We had a lot of fun and played


CB: What first brought you into the world of striped shirts?

BH: After officiating church league games, where I had been pressed

into service as a novice, I joined the Basketball Officials Association,

where one tries to learn the rules of the game. I scrambled for

assignments at any level to practice those rules and procedures. I did

church leagues, high school leagues -- everything.

CB: How long did that last?

BH: I stayed in the association for more than 20 years, teaching other

newcomers what I had been taught when I first started.

CB: Ultimately, didn't you become the supervisor of officials for the

West Coast Conference?

BH: I held that title for 14 years, but by then I was a veteran

official. Meantime, I had been a referee in many places, including the

Glendale Park and Recreation Department, high school and junior college

basketball. I was a referee five times in the L.A. City championship game

and a couple of CIF championships. Then I got into college games and

dropped my high school assignments. Ultimately, I was doing about 35

games a year in the Pac-10 and some 50 college games altogether.

CB: Did you want to go higher, like the pros?

BH: No. I did some NCAA Final Four games, but I turned down NAIA and

the NBA because of the hectic travel schedules. I stayed mostly in the

home area doing college basketball at its top level for 20 years until


CB: Were you a Pac-10 official when Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

became a UCLA Bruin?

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