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Letter - Margaret Dahmus

January 08, 2001

As 54-year residents and homeowners, we have observed our west

Glendale deteriorate, as Brand Boulevard flourished at our expense. The

streets are in horrible disrepair and go unchecked year after year.

Our community in general is beginning to resemble the slums. Are the

old laws of Glendale a thing of the past? There appears to be absolutely

no consequence for blocking sidewalks, driveways, parking cars on lawns,

bicycles and motorized toys defy you to use the sidewalks. Old furniture,


tires and grocery carts sit on the curbs for weeks. We take pride in our

property and are very disappointed that we are surrounded by other

noncaring residents.

If I had been as negligent as the city, causing a fall as I

experienced on Dec. 20 at the Central Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard

intersection where a recent crash occurred, no doubt I would be charged

dearly for my negligence.

Let me clarify my statement. I am NOT seeking big bucks. I am

expecting the city -- due to its negligence, to pay my expenses charged

by the paramedics and Glendale Memorial Emergency Room. Also, reimburse

me for shoes and purse ruined in the fall, nylons and a good pair of

slacks. Let alone my sore, bruised, bloody body that I am forced to deal


I will complete the accident report provided by City Hall and awaiting

all billing. Hopefully, all can be settled fairly, then dropped without

having to continue my claim. Your co-worker tripped and nearly fell on

the same raised ridge that I fell over.

I want to commend officer Kiang of the Traffic Bureau. His

compassionate assistance was sincerely appreciated. He was with me in the

emergency room until I was released and wanted to assure me a safe return

to my car.

Feel free to use my comments as you see fit. Perhaps it will prevent

another person from such an ordeal. As I lay in the busy intersection, I

panicked as cars screeched to a halt. I was not seriously injured, but

came as close to death as can be imagined.



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