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Letter - Emzy Veazy III

February 15, 2001

I am sick and tired of reading many lies due to poor research that

your valuable newspaper has published, and it is time to dispel some of


At the very beginning of the 20th Century the Belgians slaughtered 10

million Congolese. The first 20th century genocide happened in Africa.

When you know real history you know real facts. I know the truth. Too

often people disregard the black man in history because they live by


blind acceptance of what they are fed and by compounding lies to distort


If your newspaper has the journalistic decency to publish my letter,

then your many readers who appreciate and admire me -- whether they agree

with me -- shall properly be served during this February, Black History


Why hide the truth from those who respect me and American black


I am American born of many generations and a descendant of Denmark

Vesey, the great American slave rebellion leader during the early 1800s.



Note: Between 1890 and 1910, and more than 10 million Congolese were

killed as Belgium's King Leopold II resorted to forced labor to farm

rubber, as the world demand for it skyrocketed. Many of the Congolese

villages were destroyed as those living there were taken do do the work,

with those who refused often being killed.

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