Standard sought for chromium 6

February 23, 2001

Claudia Peschiutta

GLENDALE -- Two local legislators are working on a bill that would

establish a state standard for chromium 6 levels in drinking water.

Assemblyman Dario Frommer (D-Glendale) and state Sen. Jack Scott

(D-Glendale) have joined other legislators in backing a bill introduced

Thursday that would require the state Department of Health Services to

set the standard.


"It's the most important thing we can do," said Frommer, the measure's

principal coauthor.

"We need to know exactly what the danger is before we do anything

else, otherwise, we're wasting money."

Some Glendale aquifers contain Chromium 6, which is known to be

carcinogenic when inhaled. Its effects when ingested remain in question.

The city has been dumping the contaminated water in the Los Angeles


"Glendale and Burbank have taken a very strong stand against any level

of chromium 6 in the water and what we want to do is give the cities some

guidelines so they know what level, if any, is safe," Frommer said.

There is a state standard for chromium levels in drinking water "but

we have not determined whether we need a stricter standard for chromium

6," he said.

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