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Sentencing reset for police official

May 19, 2001

Amber Willard

RANCHO CUCAMONGA -- Sentencing for a Glendale Police civilian employee

was rescheduled after a judge erred in handing down the initial

punishment Friday, officials said.

Chahe Keuroghelian, 43, was convicted in March by a jury in San

Bernardino County of brandishing a handgun at his then-wife.

Keuroghelian, who worked in the department's community services unit, has


been on paid administrative leave since August, when county officials

began investigating possible fraudulent business practices in an

unrelated case.

At his sentencing Friday, a judge ordered Keuroghelian to serve 30

days in county jail. But, the San Bernardino district attorney's office

pointed out later, the mandatory minimum punishment for the charge is 90


"The judge may have looked at the wrong section," prosecutor Courtney

Pilchman said Friday afternoon, adding the sentencing is rescheduled for

June 1.

Telephone calls to Keuroghelian's business were not answered Friday.

Under the initial sentence, Keuroghelian might have been eligible to

spend his sentence under electronic monitoring rather than behind bars.

It is not clear if the monitoring will be an option after he is sentenced

again, Pilchman said.

Keuroghelian was also ordered to serve three years probation, pay a

$220 fine to a domestic violence fund, complete a lengthy anger

management program and not harass or bother his former wife. It is not

known if the judge will repeat these orders at next month's sentencing


Keuroghelian will remain on paid leave from the police department,

where he has earned more than $4,200 each month, pending an internal

investigation, officials said. In his nine-month absence, Keuroghelian

has been paid about $40,000.

In the unrelated case, Keuroghelian is facing 22 misdemeanor charges

filed by Los Angeles County prosecutors. They allege he violated the

Immigration Consultants Act by not telling clients of his business that

he is not an attorney and that did not have a required $50,000 bond. The

business is not affiliated with the Police Department. His attorney is

challenging the charges in the case, which is scheduled to return to

Glendale court next month.

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