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Mail turns up 4 pounds of opium

August 10, 2001

Amber Willard

SOUTHEAST GLENDALE -- A Glendale man could receive at least five years

in prison if convicted on charges that he received a 4-pound package of

opium sent from Turkey.

Nick Navari, 45, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges that he had

the drugs sent to him and planned to sell them.

Navari was arrested Tuesday in the 1500 block of Rockglen Avenue after


he arrived at an acquaintance's home to pick up the drugs, Glendale

Police said. The acquaintance told police she agreed to receive the

package for Navari but did not know what was inside.

Glendale officials were notified Monday that U.S. Customs agents in

New York had stopped the package from being shipped in the mail after

discovering it contained a little more than 4 pounds of opium,

Investigator Maribel Ortega-Sumner said.

Sold individually, each gram of opium is worth about $30, making the

shipment worth $60,000, Ortega-Sumner said.

Working with customs officials, Glendale investigators had the package

delivered to the Glendale apartment and then served a search warrant

there, Ortega-Sumner said. At that time, police allegedly discovered the

intended recipient was Navari.

Investigators had Navari's acquaintance call him to come get the

package and he was arrested about 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Rockglen Avenue


While searching Navari's apartment in the 100 block of Olive Street,

investigators found 100 additional grams of opium, officials said.

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