Armenian Music Awards honors past and present

November 19, 2001

Ryan Carter

GLENDALE -- Armenia's history was celebrated while recognizing the

best of International Armenian musical artistry at the 4th Annual

Armenian Music Awards held at The Alex Theatre on Friday.

This year's theme celebrated the 1,700-year-old milestone of the

acceptance of Christianity as Armenia's religion.

As part of the production this year, a timeline chronicling the


history behind the culture of the Armenian republic was woven through the

event's 20 live performances.

Among those performances were international Armenian music and film

artists such as the French-Armenian recording artist known as Yerso, who

sang "Zartong," which translates into the words "awakening" or "rebirth,"

said event spokeswoman Silva Harapeti.

Homage was paid to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks on the East

Coast, and tributes were given to artists for their work in educating

others about issues such as the Armenian Genocide.

On a stage adorned in a medieval style, images of the oldest Armenian

churches led to illustrations of modern Christian Armenians.

History aside, the goal of the Armenians in Music and Film Assn.,

which sponsored the heavily attended show, was to recognize the best of

current Armenian music.

The 4th-annual award show, presented in English, was a way of sharing

Armenian culture with the world, said it's founder and producer, Peter

Peter Bahlawanian, 31.

"[Armenian culture] has been hidden. It's been in the closet," he

said. "The time is now for breaking all the barriers down."

Through the program, which was fed via satellite to Europe and the

Middle East, Armenians can feel good about themselves while sharing their

history and art with others, Bahlawanian said.


* Best Modern Contemporary Album: "Zartong" by Yerso.

* The Michael Ganian Award: "Caravan" by Haroutioun Ansourian.

* Best International Album: "Giorni" by Jon Varto.

* Best New World Fusion Album: "Khorviarab" by Ara Gevorkian

* Best Original Contemporary Album: "Black and White" by Roamo and

Emma Petrossian

* Best Male Vocalist: Harut Hagopian.

* Best Female Vocalist: Shoushan Petrossyan.

* Best Jazz Fusion Album: "Mountain Dance" by Armenian Jazz Band.

* Best Pop Retro Album: "Love"' By Nune

* Best Classical Album: "Complete Works of Parsegh Ganapchian."

* Best Popular Album: "Asem Te Chasem," Aram Assatryan.

* Best Traditional Instrumental Album: "Echo of the Mountians" by

Yeghish Manoukian.

* Best Chillren's Album: "Playground," Vaco.

* Best Dance Album: "With Friends," Grisha Aghakhanian.

* Best Traditional Album: "Im Iyran Ganche," by Margaret Shahinian.

* Best Album Cover: "Zartong" by Yerso.

* Best Original Song: "Hayrenik" by Soushan Petrossyan.

* Best Newcomer: Irina Malkhassian.

* Favorite Singer Voted by the People: Tata.

* Best Alternative Folk Album: "Yerk" Roupen Hakhverdian.

* Best Compilation Album: "Songs for the New Century, Edgar


* Best Music Video: "Silence" by Sako, directed by Koji.

* Best Television Entertainment Show of the Year: "Demq Show."

* Best Oral Traditional Album: "Musical Relics of Armenia, Hayrik


* Lifetime Achievement Award: Gegam Grigorian.

* Anoush Recognition Award: Jakline. * Anoush Achievement Award:

Harry Hadikian.

* Anoush Genocide Award: System of a Down, band.

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