Pedestrian deaths prompt safety measures

January 19, 2002

Tim Willert

CITY HALL -- A rash of traffic accidents involving pedestrians has

prompted the City Council to take protective measures.

The council on Tuesday is expected to adopt plans and specifications

for upgrading pavement markings and warning signs at 48 crosswalks not

protected by stop signs or traffic signals.

"Anything we can do to make the crosswalks safer is a good thing,"


Glendale Police Lt. Don Meredith said Friday.

The proposed safety features would include more durable paint to

outline crosswalks, and clear reflective markers to increase crosswalk

visibility at night and during poor weather.

Additionally, pedestrian crossing signs would be installed, and plates

with the word "AHEAD" would be added to those signs.

"I think it's very timely, given the number of incidents that we've

had over the past several years," Mayor Gus Gomez said Friday. "This

confirms the council's goal to improve pedestrian safety in the


Last year alone in Glendale there were three pedestrian deaths and 123

pedestrians injured, officials said.

The crosswalk project is expected to cost the city $38,000. The city

hopes to award a contract by March and begin construction in April.

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