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The Greggs have long history of building in Glendale

December 26, 2002

acres, in 1989 that the business ran into trouble.

The project would be delayed and debated and litigated over the

next decade because city officials and residents wanted to preserve

the open space. The City Council denied the project in March. Last

week, it purchased the site for $25.25 million.

"We are the largest home builder in the history of Glendale," John

Gregg said. "And that business has not been able to get a building


permit since 1989. The city has put us out of business."

Over the past 12 years, the Greggs have made money through some

rental properties and joint ventures outside of Glendale. But they

have not built anything substantial in Glendale during that time

because of the fuss over Oakmont View V, John Gregg said.

The Greggs say they will continue to work in Glendale. The

developers are seeking opportunities to build homes that are

affordable for the less affluent in the community, they said.

"We're not ones to give up," John Gregg said. "We hope to be able

to provide more housing for the people of Glendale, and I'm not

ashamed of wanting to do it. We've always thought that producing

housing is a noble pursuit."

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