Educate our youth on how to cross the street

May 20, 2003

I read a letter May 9 by Debbie Taylor about her concern of

crosswalks and kids on bikes. I'm sorry that you were scared when you

saw the young man dart out into the crosswalk, but at least he is OK.

As you said, and I agree, it is dangerous in the streets of any

community. Kids are in double trouble, not because the way most of

them think is wrong, but just because of the way their brains work.

Some didn't take a driver's test like us. In their own small world,


they are prone to run about in a lot of danger as they play, ride

bikes and cross streets.

Good thing someone invented crosswalks and some actually have

enough memory span to use them every time. I think it would be a good

idea to have the police department conduct a "How to cross the street

properly" clinic in conjunction with DARE at all schools, starting at

an early age so they can learn traffic safety, respect for police

officers and the law.

So remember, drive safely, look out for pedestrians, kids on bikes

and crosswalks, and respect the law. As you stated, pedestrians

always have the right of way.



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