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Questions abound on Schiff's trip to Iraq

October 17, 2003

In a letter to the editor last month, I posed a question about

Congressman Adam Schiff's trip to Iraq. I wondered if the trip was a

fact-finding trip to Iraq, or did it include a first-class junket

with family and staff to the high spots of Europe at our expense? I

suggested that I could guess the answer.

After Mr. Schiff returned, I contacted his office and requested

information about the trip. Who went, did they fly first class or


coach, where did they stay, did they visit any other cities, who paid

for the trip, etc?

It's been nearly a month now, and despite repeated phone calls and

requests, I've received no answers from Mr. Schiff or his staff. I

think I know why.


La Canada Flintridge

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