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Valley View students save paper to save trees

June 18, 2004|By Mary O'Keefe

Did you know that recycling a 4-foot stack of newspapers saves a tree?

Valley View Elementary fourth-grade teacher Annmarie Pesa read that fact to her class earlier this year and inspired her students to do something about it. The students decided to recycle newspapers all year to see how many trees they could save.

The students began their recycling project at the beginning of the school year, and got more intense about it in the last few months, Pesa said. As of June 11, the class had recycled enough newspapers to save 23 trees. A parent volunteer was called on to take the newspapers to a recycling facility, GAR Services Program in Glendale.


Pesa found that not only did the students learn about recycling, she was also able to turn the exercise into a math project. The students figured the actual inches of papers they collected (1,104) into feet (92) and into trees saved (23).

Many students brought in lots of newspaper but student Dylan Devens went above and beyond the call of recycling by bringing in 265 inches of newsprint. "I just wanted to save trees," said Devens.

When the students were asked if they felt good about what they had done, they screamed, "Yes!"

Student Marita Moffit said that she likes saving trees instead of cutting them down. Many students interviewed said that they now notice notebook and typing paper for sale that has been made from recycled paper.

"It saves the universe for a little bit longer," said student James Owen.

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