A closer look reveals flaws in proposed Town Center...

June 18, 2004

A closer look reveals flaws in proposed Town Center

Regarding the proposed Americana at Brand (aka retail and more

retail, theaters and more theaters, and traffic and more traffic),

and to answer Kenneth Martinez's response to my May 22 submission:

Kenneth, you may consider Target "upscale," however, I wonder why

even Mr. Caruso didn't include it in the Grove.

Comparing the proposed Americana at Brand with the Grove is still


like comparing apples with oranges. Again, the better comparison is

Paseo Colorado, which includes residential. I agree with you,

Kenneth, that Paseo Colorado is more like Calico Ghost Town, which

was exactly my point! You would think our city officials would learn

from Pasadena's misstep.

Take another look -- the Salvation Army is still in the vicinity

of the proposed site.

Regarding the land giveaway to Mr. Caruso -- no matter what you

call it, it is still our money and property, and we will be losing

future revenue. And I am sure Mr. Caruso will be laughing all the way

to the bank while our city officials sit back and scratch their


As indicated in my previous submission, Rite Aid is not the

problem. The problem is that Rite Aid already provides revenue and

should not have been included in Mr. Caruso's plan as additional

revenue since it will be part of a relocation.

Another point to be made is that our weather during many months of

the year is much warmer than that at the Grove, which tends to keep

shoppers in air-conditioned venues.

In addition, a park with underground parking certainly limits the

use of shade trees. Pershing Square in Los Angeles is a good example

of this.

There needs to be some continuity between the Exchange, the

Marketplace, the Glendale Galleria and the proposed Town Center. At

this point there seems to be none. And sadly, General Growth is being

portrayed as the "bad guy" at the expense of the Galleria merchants.

By not taking the long-range results into consideration, this appears

to be another Glendale blunder in the making.

It should be noted that many of the pro-Americana at Brand

submissions have contained erroneous information (i.e., paid petition

signatures, contracts by General Growth to The Cheesecake Factory,


It will most likely be up to the voters to pay attention to what

is really happening here and ask themselves why a few members in our

city government are so intent on pushing for the completion of a

project with Mr. Caruso when there are so many other "fish in the

sea." (Especially since he is having so much difficulty finding

"upscale" tenants to commit to the proposed project).

There is a lot of propaganda out there, folks, and I hope you are

able to separate fact from fiction when it comes time to vote on the

proposed project. Remember, a major decision like this could impact

all Glendale residents' pocketbooks in a very negative way if we are

straddled with a "white elephant." Again, take a good look at Paseo

Colorado in Pasadena during the week!



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