Alleged opium importers scheduled to return to court July 26

July 03, 2004

A Glendale resident and his son, both charged with conspiracy and

drug-related charges in an alleged opium smuggling case are scheduled

to return to court July 26 for a preliminary hearing.

Alfred Avans Der Gregorian, 61, of Glendale, and his son, Alain

Avans Der Gregorian, 35, of Glendale, are among six defendants

scheduled to appear in court July 26.

Two other men charged in the case pleaded guilty this week but


will serve no prison time, according to reports.

The elder Der Gregorian is being charged with conspiracy and 10

drug-related charges. His son was charged with conspiracy and two

drug-related charges. Each is being held on $1-million bail in a Los

Angeles County Jail, officials said.

The Der Gregorians allegedly masterminded the operation and

involved the elder Der Gregorian's business associates, who

detectives said they saw selling opium from their businesses in the

garment district of Los Angeles.

Glendale Police, federal customs agents and the Los Angeles County

District Attorney's Office conducted an undercover investigation that

led to the arrests.

Gary Moskowitz

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