Woman's Club Juniors Help Lemonade Stand Cause

October 01, 2004|By Mary O'Keefe

Last week the La Crescenta Woman's Club Juniors recognized Elizabeth Hakes and Danielle Lynch, both third graders at Monte Vista Elementary, for their generosity and caring.

Hakes and Lynch sold lemonade over the summer and donated all proceeds to the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

The La Crescenta Woman's Club Juniors gave the girls a certificate of appreciation and a $100 donation for the hospital.

In addition, they gave each girl a $25 gift certificate to the Paper Rabbit in Montrose. "We told the girls they had to spend it on themselves," said Debbie Taylor, president of La Crescenta Woman's Club Juniors. "We knew these girls would want to buy something and donate it to the kids."

The Woman's Club Juniors are celebrating their 75th anniversary Oct. 17. They like to honor local organizations and people who are volunteering their time to better the community and others. Hakes and Lynch are the first to be honored under the club's new program of recognizing children who are doing extraordinary things.


"The important thing to realize is this is a remarkable thing," said Steve Rutledge, Childrens Hospital spokesperson. "They spent the big portion of their summer raising this money. It wasn't a one-day thing."

At a ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 23, the two girls gave the hospital $1,515, which will be used for a variety of things, including a special Halloween function, said Rutledge.

The girls were also honored at their school's monthly flag ceremony last Friday. Principal Sharon Popolo asked the girls to stand at the podium while she explained to the student body the generosity and the dedication it took for the girls to help children at the hospital.

In an earlier article in the Crescenta Valley Sun Hakes said, "We hope it helps the children feel better."

The money will help the children at the hospital have fun, according to Rutledge, who has invited Hakes and Lynch to the hospital's Halloween party.

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