Local man lights the way

October 01, 2004

Robert Chacon

LA CRESCENTA -- Ted Baumgart believes in harnessing power from the

sun, and he is offering a tour of his home to prove it.

At Baumgart's whimsical home, 12 solar panels power his swimming

pool's filtration system, the circulation system for a miniature

waterfall and pond, his refrigerator, and a miniature train that runs

on tracks from his kitchen throughout the backyard.


Large windows and sky lights provide sufficient light on even an

overcast day.

The purpose of giving a tour of his home is to show that, "solar

power can be integrated into our lives seamlessly," he said.

The tour of Baumgart's home is part of the American Solar Energy

Society's ninth annual Solar Tour. More than 1,800 homes, businesses

and public buildings across the country will be open to the public


Baumgart's home is at 2425 Mountain Ave., La Crescenta. It will be

open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. He has opened his home to the public

every year of the tour. Some years he has welcomed up to 150 visitors

in one day. This year he hopes to get 40 or 50 visitors.

Two more local homes will be part of the tour, one at 8300

Valecrest Drive in Sun Valley, the other at 13444 Leach St. in


For Baumgart, the major benefit of using solar power is its

contribution to the environment's health.

"We have a major problem with pollution and wars over oil that

damage societies across the globe. Solar power is a solution,"

Baumgart said.

But a home that runs on solar power can also lead to significant

savings. Baumgart said that he saves at least $50 a month on

electricity bills, and that is only for a house that runs partially

on solar power.

Solar panels aren't the only environmentally friendly additions to

his house. The concrete walls of his home, inlaid with large river

boulders, keep the temperature in his home about 70 degrees year


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