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Big box might come with a giant expense I read David...

October 01, 2004

Big box might come with a giant expense

I read David S. Brown's letter in the News-Press that the city of

Glendale should sell Wal-Mart a portion of the Americana land so that

a super-store could be built for the half of Glendale that is living

in poverty.

Maybe he should turn on his computer and run a search for

"APOPHENIA: society problems caused by Wal-Mart." Wal-Mart makes


billions of dollars every year.

Think about $420,750 -- the annual cost to U.S. taxpayers of a

single 200-employee Wal-Mart store, because of support required for

underpaid workers -- including subsidized school lunches, food

stamps, housing credits, tax credits, energy assistance, and health


Or how about 45% -- the proportion of the entire annual wage that

a single Wal-Mart employee might have to pay out-of-pocket before

collecting any benefits from the company-sponsored health plan.



Small businesses and renters will pay dearly

As a longtime renter-resident of south Glendale, I'm naturally

concerned with the recent close city election outcome on the Caruso

Affiliated Holdings mega-mall project now seemingly destined to be

emplaced in my neighborhood.

The day after the election: Councilman Dave Weaver announced the

voting proved it was the substantial (homeowners) versus the

impecunious (renters), while Mayor Bob Yousefian falsely proclaimed

that the voting proved it was an instance of the Armenian community

favoring an outsider's megaproject.

News flash, gentlemen. Eventually, all renters will be sorely

pressed in south Glendale because of existing and increasing

overcrowding and the connivance of local politicians with

soon-to-return-to-the-scene pro-rent control advocates. Such persons

will use Mayor Yousefian's remarks as evidence that Armenians want

(or brought onto themselves) that Los Angeles-like, city-ruining

financial plague.

South Glendale-based Armenian small businesses are soon going to

endure a big economic loss from which there will never be a recovery

due to heavily subsidized -- by all of Glendale's taxpayers --

products and services competition leasing spaces in Caruso's mall.

Renters are likely to find many new taxing "assessments" on our

bimonthly city-issued bills, money that may be used to off-set the

still-growing ridiculous costs to local taxpayers of Caruso's

personal monument to architectural bad taste and an entrepreneur's

opportunistic greed.

Like that memorable dialogue bit in the famous film "Casablanca,"

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