Edgar Melik-Stepanyan The Glendale High girls' tennis...

October 01, 2004

Edgar Melik-Stepanyan

The Glendale High girls' tennis team was "embarrassed" by its loss to

Arcadia on Tuesday. That's the word Nitro Coach Bob Davidson used

when he described his team's Pacific League setback.

Two days later, Glendale took its frustrations out on Hoover.

Glendale received singles sweeps from sophomores Josephine

Hakopian and Meldia Hacobian in a 15-3 home triumph against the



"I'm sure Glendale had a little bounce in its step after getting

beat by Arcadia [17-1]," Hoover Coach Julie Hoppe said.

Hoppe was accurate, Hacobian said.

"We want to beat everybody from now on and not lose to anybody

like that ever again," said Hacobian, who earned 6-2, 6-1, 6-3 wins

against Hoover's Marilyn Yi, Sevana Suleymanyan and April Nelson.

Hakopian's victories weren't as easy as Hacobian's, but she helped

Glendale (4-3, 1-1 in league) seal the win a little bit more than an

hour into the match.

Hakopian had 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 triumphs. Glendale's No. 3 singles

player, Kristina Davtyan, also won two sets. Nelson won Hoover's lone

singles set, 6-3, against Davtyan.

"In all honesty, we were embarrassed on Tuesday," Davidson said.

"I felt that it was very important for the girls to come out and play

with confidence today, and I think they did a good job of that.

"[This match] kind of snowballed a little bit after the first

round [when we won five of six sets].

"I think we have a real good nucleus. It's just a matter of how

hard do we want to work to get better."

Hoppe hoped her doubles teams would play better after they lost

seven of nine sets against Pasadena on Tuesday. But the Nitros

controlled the doubles sets, as well, as they dropped the Tornadoes

to 2-8, 0-2.

Glendale's No. 1 doubles duo of Sona Karakashian and Joyce

Librando and the No. 2 team of Terry Han and Melissa Eslava each

swept, and combined to allow just 13 games.

Hoover's No. 1 doubles tandem of Sue Kim and Joana Kim (no

relation) captured a 6-2 set and the No. 2 team of Heidi Kwon and

Karin Riutzel won, 7-5.

"I thought we would have done better than we did," said Hoppe, who

is also the school's varsity softball coach.

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