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Letter Demeans the Messenger

October 01, 2004

Mr. England's letter of 9-23 demeaned the messenger and trotted out clichés.

While some of the comparisons in Lisa Novick's letter of 9-16 may have seemed extreme, they underscored the gross inconsistencies of many Republican positions and pointed to larger truths that many Republicans seem to miss. Humorous or child-like simplicity is often the best way to convey an important message. It also encourages the reader to think, at least if the reader's mind is young enough to openly examine a new idea.

Mr. England claimed what he believed to be the paternalistic moral high ground, and then repeated tired ideas about business, the Middle East, and the "theory" of global warming. A more considered, less pompous response would have substantively addressed the following:


Clean air and water, healthy soil, and the preservation of eco-systems are vital to life, but are regulated much less than a woman's options for birth control. If the Bush Administration had a real and consistent concern for life, it would not be gutting the Clean Air Act and water safety standards;

Florida's Cuban-American vote is vital to the president's re-election. The Bush Administration doesn't want to alienate this block of voters, even though Castro's repressive regime and human rights violations are, in fact, significantly less egregious than those in China;

Since the Industrial Revolution, greenhouse gases have increased more than at any other time in Earth's history. This is not mere coincidence. The Bush Administration dismisses scientific findings as "theories" when those findings might interfere with the profits of its corporate allies, but promotes creationism when it is in their political interest to pander to the religious right;

The fact that Saddam Hussein has been a good friend of past Republican administrations is glossed over by Mr. England as the necessary price of "equilibrium." This price included the killing of thousands of Kurds using mustard gas that we manufactured and sold to Hussein;

And, finally, Mr. England propagated one of the Administration's biggest lies: the conflation of Saddam Hussein and 9/11. The Bush Administration also ignored all the evidence that Hussein lacked weapons of mass destruction, and now our soldiers, and Iraqi men, women and children, are paying the price with their lives. While an evil man, Saddam Hussein was the head of a secular Arab state, and al Qaeda was his enemy. In creating chaos in Iraq, we have made a new and very fertile breeding ground for terrorists. The Bush Administration's war has created whole new generations of terrorists, has given them a new focus for their efforts, and has thus put our nation in far greater peril.

Nicholas Warner

La Canada Flintridge

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