June 18, 2007

City is enhanced by restaurant

To all interested parties of Glendale City Council: I am a frequent patron at Divina Cucina ("City will investigate roof sign," Wednesday). I had never been to your city before and a good friend recommended this restaurant.

Since that time, it has been my pleasure to come to your city and enjoy its establishments and ambience. The restaurant is an essential part of your city. Why are the owners being punished for an oversight? It doesn't matter who is at fault or who didn't say what, or even the fact that it is illegal.


It's a certainty that you have an establishment in your city that brings revenue and notoriety to it and the sign is not going to impact any other part of your city's interests.

In my opinion, it's not the sign that makes that restaurant; it's the dedication, loyalty and hard work of the owners and employees that run it. The sign serves as a reminder to those who have been to the restaurant of this undying commitment.

Zoning is about safety and cosmetic appearance for the city. If you look at the before pictures and after, there is not a safety issue or an appearance change.

Let these owners continue to bring distinction to your city.



Know what? It really is just a game

Michael Kaplan's Community Commentary on Wednesday, "Sometimes angry parents are right," is completely out of line, and full of hypocrisy, which unfortunately runs as the norm in youth sports.

Kaplan says it is not about winning, but then turns full-circle and begins to criticize a well-respected coach for a gut decision, blaming the coach's exaltation of the player as the reason for keeping him in. I'm sure in such an important game, Crescenta Valley High School Coach Torres was thinking, "Yeah, Emmons is my favorite, I'll keep in him, even if we lose."

There could have been a number of other reasons to keep the player in.

The parents have no idea about all the things that are going on in a coach's head, do not know all the players as well as the coach and do not have to be responsible for the tough choices. They can just sit back, criticize and gossip from afar or, in this case, way too close.

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