April 12, 2008

City should not drop appeal of court ruling

In regard to the anti-solicitation ordinance regarding day laborers (“City in talks to resolve ordinance on day laborers,” April 1): The city should not drop the appeal.

The city should negotiate with immigrant advocacy groups. These groups, in my opinion, are not negotiating for legal immigrants but for illegal immigrants.


These groups that are soliciting for work while on the curb — this has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

These day laborers are a blight on our streets and create many problems.

Safety for motorists and pedestrians are at risk. They loiter, litter, urinate and call out to you and make hand signs as you enter the Home Depot parking lot.

It is very unpleasant and you don’t feel safe. Who needs this?

The cheapskates who come and hire them for slave wages only exacerbate the problem. These people should be given tickets. Stop encouraging this activity. The temporary work center, which our city supports with $90,000 of our tax money each year, is not working. Here we go through all this expense, and these laborers could apparently care less.

I suggest that Catholic Charities guide these people morning, noon and night to this center daily until they learn this center is for them and not the curb. This would eliminate all this mess around Home Depot. If Catholic Charities does not agree to this, we should stop funding it federally and not even consider using money from the general fund.

The day laborers must be told to cooperate, and it is up to Catholic Charities to see it, since we the taxpayers have put $90,000 for their benefit.

I really sympathize with the neighborhood that has to put up with this illegal activity all in the name of political correctness. Perhaps the mayor; City Council; U.S. District Court Judge James Otero; and Moeed Kahn, director of Catholic Charities, should move into the neighborhood and really see what U.S. citizens and the police have to put up with.

I am sure that they would see to this not happening in their neighborhood.




Condo living is what it ‘cracks’ up to be

I don’t know what is worse: living in a condo or just living in Glendale. My wife is into her seventh year of condo ownership, and it’s sad how she has been treated. Every time it rains, water comes in from cracks in the outside staircase and right into the bedroom.

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