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From The Margins:

Finding small-town roots in a big city

April 12, 2008|By PATRICK AZADIAN

Glendale is moving up in the world. This may sound like an obvious statement, but if you don’t see the daily progress in construction on Brand Boulevard, the changes can be shocking.

I don’t spend much time in town anymore. When I say “in town,” I don’t mean to imply that I have become a jet-setter — although a business luncheon in Paris, a conference in Brazil and a power dinner in Rome would be nice. No, I have not become an international man of mystery. At least, not just yet.

But I am covering more distance for work. I am traveling east for about a half an hour daily. Since taking on a marketing account in Monrovia as a consultant two years ago, this has become a periodic routine. Recently, my relationship with the company became more formal, and I have been entrusted with more duties on a more formal basis. As I tell my friends, I have a real job now. It means I am no longer my own boss. In retrospect, I never really was. There will always be clients who need work and vendors who need money.


But I am enjoying the experience and the challenge.

The fact that I don’t get to spend too much time in Glendale has given me a new perspective about the aesthetic progress we are making. From time to time, I still need to do my grocery shopping and take my car to be washed. Covering the perimeter of the square connecting Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Pacific Food Mart and California Car Wash on Los Feliz Boulevard gives me an opportunity to see what’s been happening during my absence.

The Americana at Brand is looking better and better. I have no regrets about giving up my tiny office at 207 South Brand to make room for this project (as if I had a choice). I will always have all the good memories from the old hole in the wall.

The addition to the Brand skyline seems to belong there.

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