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August 03, 2009|By DAN EVANS

As is becoming customary in this space, I have a couple of announcements. First, I want to let everyone know about our new blog network. The paper now features four blogs, all accessible through our website,

Here’s a quick rundown on each:

 TCN North Now: Breaking news and updates

 Tasty Edits: Newsroom insights from the News-Press’ editors

 PicBits: Our photographers’ favorite images

 Jewel City Juice: Analysis and scuttlebutt on local news and politics

 Going Overtime: All things sports


Blogs have become an increasingly vital way for journalists to connect with readers, and I believe it markedly increases our transparency. If readers have a deeper understanding of how the news-gathering process works, they will trust our words all the more.

Second, our monthlong Crescenta Valley Columnist Contest has come to a close. I have been pleasantly surprised about the fervor people have for their champions, and impressed by the depth of feeling our writers have for the Crescenta Valley community.

Now that each of our contestants have had their say, it’s now time for you to have yours. Send in your choice to City Editor Jason Wells:

I want to stress that the final winner will not be chosen by a pure popular vote. There are many things I have to consider when choosing a columnist — including readability, relevancy and ability to make deadline. Popularity is but one factor to consider.

Below, I’ve listed each contestant along with the first paragraph of his or her column. If you’d like to read the full text of the columns, go to the Tasty Edits blog.

 July 2 — Mike Lawler, “Finding this town’s center”

Everyone in the Crescenta Valley is watching the new library take shape at the corner of Foothill and La Crescenta. I checked recently with county officials, who are anticipating a grand opening in early December. What a milestone for La Crescenta!

 July 9 — Sharon Raghavachary, “Town is friendly like the Midwest”

My Family Circle magazine arrived today and on the cover was listed “Ten Best Towns for Families.” I quickly flipped through the pages to see if La Crescenta was on the list and, to my relief, found that our little secret is still safe.

 July 16 — Greg Wilkinson, “The local quality of life”

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