Mailbag: Not the time to be asking for a raise

February 09, 2010

Trying to get through the depression in this country is very hard for some of us, and then again very, very hard for a lot more.

As most of you know, Haiti has had a bad earthquake that made the people of this country open up their hearts and their purses for a nation needing help. In the middle of this, five current and former police officers are suing the city because, among other things, they claim they were unable to get a raise because of their ethnicity (“Armenian officers sue dept.,” Jan. 26).

Four of them have a job; they have an income. Now what they want is more income from a city that is grappling with budget issues. I always thought if you became a policeman, you should have and show at least some consideration toward your fellow man.


The truth and honesty toward our fellow man is what built this country. To sacrifice a raise or promotion within the public scope of work is helping this city, state and country become solid and once more out of debt. Especially in this time of need.



Editorial on teachers unions wasn’t fair

Both the Glendale College Guild and the Glendale Teachers Assn. have offered either furlough days or salary reductions for the coming year. Yet, in the Jan. 30 editorial, “A tale of two districts,” the Glendale News-Press editorial staff supports the college guild and criticizes the teachers association. This is a terribly unfair portrayal of the situation.

The teachers of Glendale have and do recognize the need to sacrifice for the common end.

The fact is that the Glendale Teachers Assn. has offered to take 15 furlough days over the next three years. This would save the Glendale Unified School District about $3.8 million per year.

The agreement the college guild has made with the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees would save the college roughly $250,000 for one year. How the News-Press cannot acknowledge this fact is egregious.

Whether it was a mistake or incompetence, the fact is, the News-Press is using its platform to influence the community against hardworking teachers with false data.

The News-Press should make clear the sacrifices both parties have made to help get our schools through this economic crisis. I recommend the editorial board go back and do some homework. This matter should be reviewed on their part, and for their own integrity, a retraction should be printed.



Safety should come first regarding gate

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