Mailbag: Commemorate all genocide victims

May 02, 2010

This is an answer to Councilman John Drayman regarding the Armenian Genocide (“Never forget the Armenian Genocide,” April 22).

By all means our Congress must recognize the Armenian Genocide.

As our country is an utterly fair and unbiased nation, our Congress must as well recognize genocide in various other nations, where citizens were slaughtered for their faith, political bents or race.

Stalin was responsible for the death of his own countrymen, 2 million of them, the communistic regime in Cambodia murdered 1 million, Idi Amin of Uganda was guilty of killing 3,000 of his own people and probably many other nations.


The U.S. Congress should legally establish some day in which all these innocent martyrs will be commemorated.



Nahabedian owes an apology

All throughout the special primary race for the 43rd Assembly District, Nayiri Nahabedian and her supporters claimed that Chahe Keuroghelian was in the race solely because he was recruited by Mike Gatto’s supporters “to split the Armenian vote.”

Now we learn that despite Nahabedian dropping out (“Candidate drops out of race,” April 21), Keuroghelian is staying in the race, a move that seems very odd if his purpose was to take votes away from Nahabedian as her campaign alleged.

Nahabedian’s accusations were a setback to community ethnic relations and have shown themselves to be untrue. It sounds to me like someone owes her fellow candidates an apology.



Taxpayers on the hook for pensions

The chickens have finally come home to roost (“IN DEPTH: Pensions; City can’t keep up with cost,” April 24).

No one at City Hall thought to squirrel money away for that rainy day. Now it appears the taxpayers are on the hook for the shortfall in pension obligations. A city in Northern California declared bankruptcy and can only pay their city retirees pensions. Other vital services can’t be taken care of.

It would seem all retirees and city executives should sit down and make a retroactive cut in all benefits, including pensions, to cover the shortage. Do you think this is possible?


La Crescenta

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