Mailbag: Teacher is a credit to education

May 05, 2010

I just read the April 27 article “Apples of their eye.” What a dedicated teacher Keppel Elementary School has in fifth-grade teacher April Faieta.

Our future as a nation depends on our children — education should come first and at the top of the list of priorities, and a teacher like Faieta is dedicated, capable, hardworking.

I remember my fifth-grade teacher and the positive impression she made on me because she cared about her students their futures.


Why are we cutting education? We should be increasing positions and putting education first.

Let’s get with it! It’s our future.

La Crescenta

Reform’s effects will take a while

I think that Karen Berger has been listening to the Democrats, but has not really digested the Obama health-care plan (“Health care is due to get much better,” April 26)!

I am very happy with my present health care provided by Medicare, plus Health Net, and at affordable cost.

I have had multiple, serious surgeries and my present care has cost me little if anything! I have never had to pay the tremendous bills.

Berger states that all Americans will have access to affordable health-care options, including the 32 million not now covered. But remember, if those 32 million cannot or do not want the coverage, they will be significantly fined.

I am a senior and at present am in control of my own health care. There are a few good things about “Obamacare,” such as no refusal of coverage due to preexisting conditions and, or, not losing coverage if changing jobs.

How can the federal deficit be cut by $1 trillion with all the promises of rebates on drug costs, free preventive care, and more people living on MediCal and in nursing homes at the expense of the taxpayers? And, equal care for illegal immigrants?

As in England, doctor offices will be overflowing with new patients and for long waits for necessary surgeries while enduring pain.

There will not be enough doctors available and more citizens will be dying while waiting for treatment of serious health conditions, especially seniors.

Since most of Obamacare does not go into effect until 2014, I will probably not be alive to receive all these supposed benefits. All I can say is, wait and see and be prepared!



Taking the right steps for cyclists

Congratulations to Councilwoman Laura Friedman for taking steps to make Glendale more bike friendly (“City finds bike ideas in the Bay,” April 29).

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