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Police launch map system

Website allows residents to look at crimes that happened in the city.

May 05, 2010|By Veronica Rocha

GLENDALE — Residents can now view crimes that occurred throughout the city on the Police Department’s new online mapping system.

The Police Department officially launched its mapping system Monday, which displays real-time crime data in the city.

Data on the crimes — including time, date, offense and location — will be displayed on a map of the city on

Officials say the new technology will better inform residents of what occurs in their neighborhoods.

And in turn, residents could become more active in reporting crimes.

“We believe an informed community leads to a safe community,” Lt. Carl Povilaitis said.

As Police Department officials were developing its mapping system, they were trying to determine whether to release all crime reports or certain offenses only.


They eventually opted to display information on everything, including those crimes involve sex, theft, arson, assaults, burglary, disturbing the peace, drug and alcohol, fraud, homicide, robbery, driving under the influence, and vandalism.

The online crime mapping system is one of four methods that the Police Department will use to fight crime, Glendale Police Chief Ron De Pompa has said.

The other methods are , including a new area command system, timely information and community partnerships.

Information on crimes will be reviewed before it is pulled from police reports and loaded onto the website within 24 hours of the offense occurring, officials said.

Some crimes that need further investigation will not be put on the mapping system, Povilaitis said.

Residents will have access to real-time crime information stored on a database for the past 90 days, according to a city staff report.

Exact addresses will not be shown to maintain privacy.

Residents will be able to pick and choose the type of crime information they want to see, and will have access to charts and graphs that breakdown the types of crimes and how frequently they occur.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation use the online crime mapping program to display details about violations occurring in their respective regions.

“It’s a pretty new concept,” Councilman Dave Weaver said.

The mapping system, he said, should allow residents to be more proactive in their community and report crimes when they see them.

“People will be more aware,” Weaver said.

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