Mailbag: What about the shortage?

May 07, 2010

Thanks for the inspiring article about Sonia Yeghkian (“A better life in a new country,” April 28), who is working toward a nursing degree at Glendale Community College, only two years after immigrating to the U.S.

I would like to see a follow-up article regarding the severe shortage of nursing program openings in the U.S. I doubt that most of the public is aware that nearly all nursing schools have a lottery system to select students from a very large pool of qualified applicants. This includes the sons and daughters of citizens who have paid taxes their entire lives to support the public education system.



Funds came from Los Angeles group

Thank you for the April 30 article “City finds bike ideas in the bay,” which explains the recent site visit to Berkeley that I organized for Glendale city staff and Councilwoman Laura Friedman.


I feel it’s important to clarify to you and your readers that the Berkeley visit was paid for by the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition with funds from a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health grant. No money for the trip was provided by the city of Glendale.

I mention this simply to prevent any misunderstanding that may arise regarding how the Berkeley trip was funded.

I feel confident that the Berkeley trip (and our previous visits to Long Beach) will help move us toward a more bike- and pedestrian-friendly Glendale.

Thank you again for reporting on this and other Safe & Healthy Streets projects, a collaborative effort of the bicycle coalition and the city of Glendale.



Editor’s note: Bogart is the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition liaison to Glendale.

Volunteer to keep freeway clean

In hopes that our local theists read the Glendale News-Press, I would like to send them this message: You too can get your own sign on a highway.

All you have to do is contact Caltrans at and volunteer.

Wouldn’t that be more productive and socially beneficial than using your time and energy to vandalize public property?

Atheists United went the legitimate route and have been helping keep a Glendale stretch of the Glendale (2) Freeway tidy for years.

It is baffling that our small token of recognition provokes such intolerance.



City firefighters are again heroes

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