Burglary suspects arrested

Alleged female ‘knock-knock’ burglars were caught on security tape.

May 08, 2010|By Melanie Hicken

GLENDALE — Glendale police on Friday morning arrested three women who had allegedly been attempting “knock-knock” burglaries in a north Glendale neighborhood, police said.

Police arrested Ziara Cannady, 23, of Los Angeles, and Compton residents Valerie Acosta, and Sukari Joffiron, both 20, on Columbus Avenue on suspicion of burglary after responding to a call of suspicious women knocking on doors in the area, Lorenz said.

The three women matched the description of a trio of young robbers who have targeted expensive homes in the Los Angeles area and were caught on security camera. Glendale officials are working with other law enforcement agencies to determine whether they are wanted for other burglaries.


“We understand there are female suspects that are being sought after,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz. “Our case certainly mimics the case of others that have occurred, but it would be premature to say they are responsible for any of the others other than the two we have them on.”

In an Encino incident that was caught on a security camera, three women knocked repeatedly at a front door, then went around to the back after receiving no answer.

They broke a window, but were scared away by a security alarm.

When responding to the call Friday, Glendale officers were hailed by a witness who alerted them to a house in the 1400 block of Columbus Avenue, where the police found screwdriver pry marks on the front door, Lorenz said.

The police found and stopped the women, who were driving in a black Nissan on Columbus a block away from the house, and matched the witnesses’ description, he said. Officers found tools consistent with the pry marks on the door.

The witness, who lived next door to the house, told police he saw the women knock on the front door, and after receiving no answer unsuccessfully tried to push and pry the door open. He then saw them go around to the back, Lorenz said.

Another witness said one of the women knocked on her door, and asked for directions when she answered, Lorenz added.

Police located a second home on the 1400 block of Columbus that the women allegedly attempted to break into, but neither appeared to be successful. The women are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday on two counts of burglary. Lorenz lauded the neighbors for alerting police.

Police are seeking anyone else who may have seen the women in their neighborhood. Call Glendale Police at (818) 548-4911, or Glendale Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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