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Farmer’s market is back in business

Event on Kenneth Road returns, this time running on Saturdays.

May 09, 2010|By Max Zimbert

GLENDALE — After a one-year hiatus, the Kenneth Village farmer’s market returned Saturday, bringing residents and merchants together with organic produce, jewelry, pet adoptions, moon bounces and live music.

The farmer’s market will be every Saturday, organizers said.

Many businesses along Kenneth Road said sales have been strong lately, and the farmer’s market would draw customers.

“I’m incredibly happy and pleased because I think this farmer’s market is exactly what Kenneth Village needs,” said Audrey Robles, owner of audrey*k, a women’s clothing store. “It reengages the neighborhood and helps everyone reconnect.”

The farmer’s market closed because of poor sales. A new operator was brought in, and Phillip Dane, president of PD Markets, said he expects a strong presence in Kenneth Village.


“It’s a good kickoff,” he said. “It’s going to be fantastic for our vendors and the businesses here.”

The strip of businesses is prime real estate, said Saul Guzman, an organic fruit vendor.

“It looks good because it’s a good residential neighborhood,” he said.

The biggest changes from last year’s market are the time and date. The market is open Saturday morning through the afternoon. It’s an upgrade from the Friday afternoon hours the market held last year, said Rene Karapedian, president of the Kenneth Village Merchants Assn.

“It’s what the community wanted,” he said. “Friday afternoon was not a good time.”

Karapedian credited regular meeting with homeowner groups as the key to bringing the market back.

“That’s why it’s on Saturday morning,” he said. “They know they need to come support us, and I think we’ve seen the change already.”

Residents Randy and Janice Carter saw it too.

“Saturday is a lot better,” Janice Carter said. “There’s a great variety of things, and we’ll be regulars.”

The husband and wife take regular Saturday walks through Brand Park, and the market will likely be part of their strolls, Randy Carter said.

“We’ll swing by for some fresh fruit,” he said. “And maybe a baguette.”

Joggers passed between stands, while pedestrians took their time checking out the vendors, which ranged from fruit and nut booths to moisturizers, potted plants and barbecued food.

The market also partnered with a dog adoption agency, which was a big hit with families and residents walking pets of their own.

“We have everything for everyone, from kids to seniors,” Karapedian said. “The dogs will be here every week, and these are dogs that will be put down if they can’t find homes.”

Bob and Cathy Nicksin had just arrived at the market, and said they welcomed the market’s return.

“We’ve been running up to Montrose for these,” said Bob Nicksin, a Glendale resident. “I’m just glad to see it back.”

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