May 10, 2010

Only one genocide lacks recognition

This is in response to the letter of Eva Garnier (“Commemorate all genocide victims” May 3).

Many writers like Garnier, at various times, have expressed similar sentiments. Although some have ill intent, many simply do not see the obvious.

The reason the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust are on a different plane is this: Armenians were murdered because they were Armenians, and Jews were murdered because they were Jews. Both groups were targeted for extermination by the ruling, ethnically and religiously distinct majority, because they were different.


Deranged Cambodians murdered their fellow Cambodians, and nobody in Cambodia or anywhere else denies that it happened.

Cambodians still exist and live in their own beautiful country.

Stalin and his communist gang murdered and exiled millions. However, there was no ethnic component to their crime.

Modern-day Germany and the German people fully admit what their Nazi predecessors did and have shown genuine sorrow and contrition.

Although murdered millions can never be replaced, Germany did its best to compensate the Jewish people for the billions in wealth that was looted and confiscated by the Nazis from their Jewish citizens. Germany supports the state of Israel diplomatically, financially and militarily — probably in part to atone for the sins of the Nazis.

In contrast, today in Turkey the mere mention of Armenian Genocide is a criminal offense. Turkey not only denies the genocide took place, but has a very active worldwide effort to “punish” anyone and any country that obstructs their campaign of denial. Many brave Turkish intellectuals live in exile for the “crime” of having mentioned the Armenian Genocide while living in modern-day Turkey.

Armenians in Ottoman Turkey were educated, hard-working, enterprising and successful — similar to Jews in Nazi Germany.

They had accumulated considerable wealth. Billions of their property was looted or confiscated by the Ottoman Turks, never to be seen again by Armenians. All traces of Armenian presence are still being systematically erased from western Armenia — present-day eastern Turkey.

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