May 15, 2010

Supportive of GCC students’ protest

Requiring a two-thirds majority to pass a state-budget-created havoc with many Glendale Community College students who already have economic problems (“‘It’s anti-democratic,’ ” March 24) is bad.

California education funding is already near the bottom of 50 states. Since I am an older student at Glendale Community College, I sympathize with the protesting students in these difficult times.


It is hard enough to pay rent, put food on the table and pay for health insurance. Also incurring additional expenses to continue the education necessary to get and keep a job is really hard.

I identify with my fellow students and support them in every way.



Due diligence when hiring principal

I don’t get it. Glendale Unified continues to issue teacher layoff notices by the dozens, with promises of more to come. Yet, a recent promotional hiring process for “Principal, Crescenta Valley High School” yielded only two applicants filing by the April 30 deadline, although three are being interviewed.

So, why isn’t the Glendale Unified School District concerned about the paucity of applicants for this now all-too-rare promotion opportunity? Some Crescenta Valley High parents certainly are concerned! I’ve been asking questions, but getting answers that are unsatisfactory, or that just don’t make sense.

Glendale Unified officials assured parents on April 26 that there was no need to look “outside” of the district for prospective, qualified applicants. They said there were teachers and/or school administrators in the district family who were eligible to apply; I was led to believe that there were many (as in more than two or three!), and that a good number of those who were eligible would actually apply. I was also led to believe that if there were an insufficient number of in-house applicants, then district officials would expand the process to also solicit applicants on an “open” basis. However, they also indicated that they thought there was little likelihood that too few promotion applications would be submitted.

I heard in the meeting that if an “in-house” person were hired, a teacher somewhere along the school district employment chain could be saved from being laid off. I understood district officials to say that they hoped to present their hiring recommendation for action by the Board of Education on May 18.

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