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European-style fashion

Mademoiselle in La Crescenta offers options not found in local malls.

May 17, 2010|By Michael J. Arvizu

Ever since Mademoiselle boutique owner Rima Bedevian was a little girl, she has dreamed of opening her own little shop.

“I’ve always been interested in fashion, ever since I was a little girl,” Bedevian said. “So I decided to open one up in La Crescenta, since we don’t have much choices up here as far as stores are concerned.”

Mademoiselle, at 3442 Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta, had its grand opening in April and caters to a European sense of fashion. Its modern decor features polished hardwood floors with pink walls partly covered with black and white damask wallpaper. Fashion and custom jewelry, from bracelets to necklaces and earrings, complement the neatly hung clothing. The store also offers an assortment of handbags and shoes.


This European type of clothing Bedevian sells is “very different from the cookie-cutter styles you see at the malls today,” she said.

European clothing can be identified by their embellishments, from a string of coins sewn into the lining of the garment, to elaborate, gold-shoulder panels and leopard prints with sequin collars, she said.

Bedevian’s interest in fashion began with trips she and her mom, Rita Bedevian, took to the mall. It was during these visits that the younger Bedevian tended to pick out clothing that was different from the rest, or that stood out in some way.

“I used to take her with me; after that, when she grew up, she had the taste, too,” said Rita Bedevian. “She learned from me, but when she grew up, she started going shopping by herself. But she had a taste, too, based on what I taught her.”

Her taste in picking only clothing that is unique or stands out is what Rima Bedevian hopes to bring to her new store — in essence, she said Mademoiselle is a reflection of her personality.

“The last thing that a woman or girl wants is to go out and have someone else wearing the exact same outfit,” Rima Bedevian said with a laugh. “Being unique makes a woman stand out and get compliments. That’s what I strive for at Mademoiselle.”

To quench her thirst for more fashion and insight into the latest trends, Rima Bedevian said she looks to the entertainment industry and reads fashion magazines. Having the latest trends available is another important aspect she wants to bring to her new store.

The store caters not only to young clientele, but to older women as well, because “they love to be in fashion, and to wear the latest trends — I think anywhere from high school to 50s or 60s, depending on how people dress,” she said. “I think a lot of my clothes fit older women, because it’s very classy; it’s very different and classy.”

Work on the store began in February, taking several weeks to complete. As she makes her new business home in La Crescenta, Rima Bedevian would like to participate in community fundraisers, perhaps launching a project to support Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, something she has done before in her personal life, she said.

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