Mailbag: District making the wrong choice in cuts

May 19, 2010

No, I am not a teacher, and I no longer have children at school.

I see all the discussion about firing our teachers (“School officials: We have no choice on layoffs,” May 8), reducing our school hours of instruction, increasing class sizes, cutting “non-essential” programs and eliminating after-school programs because “we don’t have money.” And I find myself overwhelmed by outrage, frustration and shame.

Yes, shame, shame on all of us, and shame on those whom we elected to run our beautiful city, and our (and their) sense of priorities as to how and where to spend our money.


I do not profess to have intimate knowledge of the financing of the Glendale Unified School District, or state funding formulas, but I question the wisdom of opting to fire teachers for lack of funds, especially when the state allocates more than $40 million on the Fairmont Avenue flyover bridge to serve the Walt Disney Co.

The contention that such expenditures are more important in our lives than the education and future of our children is abhorrent to me.

Equally abhorrent is the idea that we cannot, as a civilized society, afford to properly educate our children.

Is it not similar to eating our seed grain?

With such attitude, we should not fear so much enemies from far-away places, as we are our own enemies.

Yes, I am outraged, frustrated and ashamed to see the children pleading with us “grown-ups” not to fire their teachers. What kind of people have we become?

Shame on us!



District needs transparency

On May 17, a letter from Linda Guzik appeared. Her letter, “Budget transparency needed in schools,” called for total transparency of the Glendale Unified School District budget and she even mentioned some districts that publish their check registers.

Such transparency is unheard of in Glendale Unified, but my opinion is that I would like to see such transparency.

I understand the objections by the administration.

Doing so would create a wave of criticism.

The teachers union appears to know more about what is going on, financially, than the public. They have insider knowledge of facilities, policies and happenings.

Sure, they are making the claim to justify their desired end, but if their claim is true, we would be shocked.

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