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Mailbag: Dump dirt, debris into Irwindale pits

May 26, 2010

In regards to trucks hauling tons of dirt and rocks from nearby catch basins and dumping it at a "sediment site," which may be endangering nearby residents, has anyone considered dumping all this material in the huge pits in Irwindale?

These pits were created as a result of gravel mining and are a terrible eyesore. They are so large that I'll bet it would take 100 years to fill them.



Don't ignore legal part of immigration

I thought I had head everything until I read Joe Zuazua's contribution on illegal immigration ("This country has an 'illegal' history," May 20).


He states that "we 'must know' history." Zuazua would do well to do a little research of his own. The people who stepped off the Mayflower were not entering a sovereign nation with a system of laws. To attempt to compare the people of the Mayflower and their descendants to the illegal immigrants sneaking across our border is really grasping at straws.

I beg to differ regarding his other statement that "much of the U.S. population who are of European ancestry are from illegal immigrants who came running from oppression and looking for a better life." My Italian grandfather applied for papers, got in line and was processed through Ellis Island as a legal immigrant who went on to obtain his citizenship.

I don't deny that much of the world is indeed looking for a better life, but it is virtually impossible for the United States to admit everyone who wants to enter! Just because somebody manages to enter our country illegally does not mean they are "home free," and should be afforded the same rights and privileges as a legal, tax-paying citizen!

The very word "legal" is something the illegal immigration protest groups conveniently ignore.



Burbank's store is day-worker free

As a resident of Glendale I have stopped patronizing the Home Depot in Glendale. Why? Well, I was tired of the harassment by the "day workers" upon entering and exiting the parking lot on San Fernando Road.

The whistling, yelling, hand-waving and even approaching my vehicle is too much.

So, what do I do? I give my business to the Burbank Home Depot where the area is clean and free of harassment "day workers" — not one to be seen or heard. Why there is this wide disparity of how the day workers are handled between the two cities is a mystery to me. However, for my safety and stress level, it is the Burbank Home Depot for me.

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