Setting a good example

New president of charity league keeps taking on more causes.

June 02, 2010|By Jon Haber | Special to the News-Press

When Glendale volunteer Shelley Weitzel received a phone call from the nominating committee of the National Charity League in April, she assumed the members of the nonprofit organization wanted her to take back her previous post as vice president of philanthropy. But she soon found out that the committee had bigger plans in mind.

Weitzel said she was shocked when the nominating committee instead asked her if she would like to be president-elect of the entire Glendale chapter of the mother-daughter organization.

"I wasn't expecting that," the Glendale native said. "But I thought it would be a good experience to do something I never thought I would ever do. I was honored to be asked and look forward to working with some ladies this year and building philanthropy in the community."


After consulting with her husband, Mark, rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glendale, Weitzel agreed to accept the position. She was formally installed as president May 13 at NCL's Meeting and Installation Dinner at the Oakmont Country Club.

Although Weitzel had spent time volunteering with her husband at the church, the 1991 USC alumnus did not get involved with the chapter until Carol Ann Burton, the senior member that Weitzel replaced as president, sponsored her in the program in 2007.

Weitzel originally became aware of the organization during her days at Hoover High School in Glendale when many of her friends performed community work through the program. But as a teen, Weitzel decided against joining.

She said she is fortunate that her daughter, Rebecca, isn't as stubborn as her mother was during her teens. The duo mutually agreed to join the program three years ago, and Weitzel said the league has been a great experience for both of them.

Rebecca is in year three of the six-year program. As a student, or Ticktocker, she just completed her term on the Ticktocker Council and is set to oversee the 10th-grade chapter-wide project: a Special Olympics event to be held in December.

Weitzel said she is thrilled that her daughter has been so involved with the program and credits Rebecca as another reason why she decided to take the job as league president.

"I wanted to be an example for my daughter," Weitzel said. "This program allows the girls to experience leadership in a safe environment. We've really enjoyed it, and we're really excited about this year."

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