Mailbag: Union made a huge error in judgment


June 02, 2010

What the Glendale Teachers Assn. did to Greg Krikorian's five children was unforgivable, and unthinkable.

I am the aunt of these children, sister of Krikorian. When I found out that the union was going to protest at my brother's house, I thought it was a joke — a really bad joke. With schoolchildren at this private residence, no one would stoop that low.

Immediately after work I went to my brother's house to make sure my nieces and nephews were all right and give support.


If you only saw what I did, heard what I did, felt what I did from all five of these children, your heart would have been broken.

Three of my nieces and nephews are active students in the Glendale Unified system. Two other children are recent graduates, and all five were home and in such fear.

One was upset at the prospect of attending school the next day, telling me how they were trying to peek to make sure if any of the teachers were from their school. Regardless if they were or were not, what this did to them was damaging.

Pick on people your own age! Go after the legislators who decide the overall fate of the funding allocated to the schools.

Go after Paul Krekorian, whom the teachers unions gave thousands to elect to the state Assembly and then who left you in the dust for L.A. City Council.

The Glendale school board consists of four, since the Glendale Teachers Assn. has bought Nayiri Nahabedian's seat.

Out of the "four," three are active parents in the Glendale Unified system. Do you think for one minute any would as parents enjoy overcrowded classrooms for their own children? They themselves are directly feeling the impact of the decisions that they make.

Front cover of the News-Press had a picture with teachers protesting — I assure you the picture inside my brother's house would have shown a different story, a sad one.



Some questions for Assembly hopefuls

The Glendale Education/Social Justice Advocates sent the following questions to the candidates in 43rd Assembly District a few weeks before the special election. We received no responses.

I'd like to hear from any local candidates for state office before the June 8 primary on the following:

How would you increase state financing for education?

What is your position on the parcel tax for the Glendale Unified School District?

What is your position on legalization and taxation of marijuana for use by adults, controlled in a similar manner as alcohol?

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