Mailbag: Businesses should be grateful for boost

June 03, 2010

Your May 31 article "Wedding in the park" carried the sub-heading "Vows are exchanged in Montrose hub, upsetting some businesses." It should have read "Couple tries to help Montrose businesses, gets kicked in the teeth for their efforts."

This young couple wanted to celebrate their love, and in doing so wanted to support the businesses that have made Montrose the gem it is today. They gave $20,000 to the local economy, and some of the businesses had the audacity to complain? Shame on them for their shortsightedness, and for not displaying the warm sense of community that people have come to love about Montrose.

Montrose has become much more to the Crescenta Valley than just a retail area. It's become a community center, hosting such events as the Arts and Craft Festival, Oktoberfest and the weekly Harvest Market. These events all close Honolulu, as this wedding did, and just like the wedding, they all bring business to the shopping park as a whole.


To the bride and groom, I wish you well. You are a beautiful couple, and you have the values that we need in our community. I thank you for supporting all those mom-and-pop stores that I love so dearly.

Sadly, I feel I need to apologize for the naysayer businesses and for the News-Press' unwarranted focus on the negative aspects of what you meant to be a positive message: Celebrate Montrose by supporting Montrose business.


La Crescenta

Editor's note: Lawler is a columnist for the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Scouts grateful for fundraising help

Boy Scout Troop 139 would like to express our gratitude to all those in our community who helped make our second annual Tip A Scout a success.

Damon's and its wonderful staff hosted the event and patiently worked with our boys, teaching them the ropes of the restaurant business. Thank you!

The Glendale News-Press included a publicity notice and then even sent Ruth Sowby to write up our story, including two fabulous pictures. Thank you!

Family, friends, Boy Scout officials, teachers (a special shout out to Hoover High's Charles Brogdon and Captain Wray) and Damon's customers left generous donations. Thank you!



Teachers should protest at union leader's house

I would like to know when the majority of the teachers are going to have a candlelight vigil at Tami Carlson's house?

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