Mailbag: Cartoon didn't need to target valley

June 10, 2010

Bert Ring's May 22 cartoon in the Glendale News-Press left me rather dismayed.

While I see the satire on the early prisoner release program, and while I realize we do have a teen drug problem in our community, I don't see the need to draw attention to either issue in this manner, nor do I see the need to localize them to the Crescenta Valley (Foothill Boulevard).

There are many communities dealing with the same serious problems. If a joke is to be made of them, at least apply it in a generic setting that could apply to any community.



La Crescenta

Confused over what's going on

I've worked for Glendale Unified School District for nine years now, and for the majority of that time I have felt appreciated and well-treated. I have always been grateful for my job.

For the majority of that time I have felt that I have had union representatives whose primary objective was truly to represent my best interests. I have always appreciated the long hours they put in beyond their contractual workday.

Lately, however, all I feel is confused and increasingly frustrated. I'm confused when I get e-mails from the district that say the Glendale Teachers Assn. has canceled a meeting that the union says the district walked away from. I'm confused when I hear that voting "yes" for a tentative agreement would have saved teacher jobs, when the reason that many people voiced for voting the agreement down was that it did not contain any provisions for saving those same jobs.

I'm confused when I attend a union meeting that explains that health-care caps will affect about 90% of the workforce, but then find a flier in my mailbox from a special interest group at one of our high schools stating that only about 33% would be affected.

I'm confused because as a teacher, concentrating on my job from day to day, I am trusting in my elected officials from both sides of the fence to come to an agreement about my best interests, but then I get e-mails popping up from both directions full of partial truths hidden beneath significant mudslinging.

I'm frustrated because I have 10 years of college behind me, which in any other profession would earn me twice my current salary, and as a teacher I've spent my year fighting to save my home and worried about health insurance next year for my family.

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