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Education Matters: Giving readers a fun little quiz

June 11, 2010|Dan Kimber

Editor's Note: Numerous instances of plagiarism have been discovered in Dan Kimber’s “Education Matters” column, which ran in the News- Press from September 2003 to September 2011. In those columns where plagiarism has been found, a For the Record specifying the details will be appended to the piece.

This week was the last confrontation between my seniors and juniors in a contest billed as "Ultimate Americana." Call it cultural literacy or trivia — it's a collection of questions and associations to stretch young minds, challenge their intellect and occasionally test their sense of humor.

I offer a sampling to you my readers. I've done, or perhaps overdone this in this space with other quizzes (occupational hazard), but the following 50 items were part of "The Final Conflict" here at school, and the all important bragging rights that went to the winner. This year the juniors buried the seniors.


So put your mind to work for a few minutes and struggle with a few straight-forward questions, half-questions/word associations, quirky clues — and then place yourself on the following scale, which is roughly based on my students' performance on the more expansive 300-question contest:

40 to 50 = Excellent

30 to 49 = Good

20 to 29 = Fair

10 to 19 = Poor

0 to 9 = Ugh

1. Baseball name; 48 hours

2. Spanish for "pelican"; no escaping it

3. Comic book teen; armchair redneck

4. They comfort me, according to the 23rd

5. Early '60s dance; African tribe

6. Old chewing gum; Pershing nickname; 21 declaration

7. Dancing stick; intermediate place

8. When was "Blackbird singing"?

9. What, according to Polonius (in Hamlet) is the "soul of wit"?

10. Who was "Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee"?

11. Muffett's food; Iraqi minority

12. When he visited, he stayed above the fire station.

13. Larceny + force or fear of force =

14. What civil wrong was O.J. found guilty of in his wife's death?

15. Alex Haley's main character

16. Flower; kissing requirement

17. Oxymoronic motorcyclists

18. Famous sergeant; island companion

19. Chess board squares; Beatle old age

20. Audacity in Yiddish

21. Acronym for pampered women at the synagogue

22. Song upon entering Sleeping Beauty's Castle

23. Superman's main adversary and his girlfriends share what?

24. Elvis is the King; Bruce Springsteen is

25. The 20th reduced it by four months

26. Biblical resurrection; Statue author

27. T.S. Eliot poem; Weber musical

28. Island; potent marijuana

29. Where were "these little town shoes" walking?

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