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Glendale High School receives gift of $11,000

June 28, 2010

The 2009-10 academic year is now a memory, but it also provides the chance for PTAs to review the months with appreciation for the support and hard work that took place.

At Glendale High School, the PTSA has announced its gift to the school thanks to sales of concessions during football season and generous donations from members throughout the year. About $11,000 was available at the school year's end to benefit Glendale High students through four avenues. A PTA gift for $2,500 will benefit publication of the student newspaper, The Explosion, while $1,500 is going toward the Fall Pep Rally to kick off the semester and start of football season.

In addition, $1,000 is restricted toward the school's Student Welfare Fund which assists students wishing to participate in academic, sports, technology or arts programs. Finally, $6,000 is earmarked for Teacher Micro-Grants intended to enhance the academic experience of students at the school.


With summer, many activities become legal for parents like eating ice cream while barefoot or squirting a favorite person with a hose. Richard Lucas, Wilson Middle School principal, offers parents his suggestions for summer activities in the Wilson Knights June newsletter to help make their children's time fun, safe and productive.

"Summer is a great time for all, but some concentration on the new school year should be encouraged because months off without any focus on reading or education could make the upcoming school year difficult," he writes.

While parents may decide to relax rules about the number of hours children watch TV, use the computer or play video games, Lucas suggests they should also encourage children to read books.

Summer also signifies changes for PTAs as new officers continue the work while outgoing volunteers move to new challenges. Appreciation is extended to PTA and school representatives who contributed news to this column: Christina Burt, Horace Mann Elementary liaison; Andrea Crissman, College View PTA outgoing president; Janice Hanada, Cerritos Elementary principal; Linda Junge, John Muir Elementary principal; Kathy Lo, Verdugo Woodlands Elementary outgoing liaison; Laura Rubinstein, Glenoaks Elementary PTA outgoing president; Sydney Swainston, Glendale High PTSA President; Helena Williams, Wilson Middle School PTSA outgoing president; and Kristin Pardo, RD White Elementary PTA outgoing historian.

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