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Mailbag: No choice but to raise water rates

July 02, 2010

I am writing this letter regarding the June 29 article titled "Water rate may rise," which covers city officials' desire to increase the net rate for an average $2.35 more per month for most residents. I strongly agree with this decision.

Taking into consideration the deeper aspects of this financial problem, and taking a closer look at the city's budget situation, we find out that Glendale is truly suffering due to a bunch of problems because of the massive budget cuts from the state government. We as citizens understand that there are fixed costs to operate the various systems put into our community, and also now utilities are continuing to grapple with our suppliers who are raising their rates.

It is crystal clear that the city, the residents and the systems of delivery don't have a choice except raising the cost of the water. Also, Glendale Water & Power has commission meetings to give residents the opportunity to speak their minds and give useful suggestions regarding any problems they see.


Arabo Gharibian Saki


Where are the entertainment pages?

I have been reading the Glendale News-Press for almost two years, and

the only thing that upsets me is the lack of an "Entertainment Section."

Since Glendale is close enough to the city of Burbank, in which many movie studios are located and could be considered the heart of the world's entertainment, Glendale too deserves to be involved in that part of the news.

There are also some branches of movie production companies and show-taping studios located in Glendale, which make this city more involved in showbiz.

Add an entertainment business section to the newspaper, so that residents of Glendale can know the major news of the showbiz world.

Linet Malekian


Krikorian shouldn't have been singled out

When you're an elected official, almost everything is fair game, including a candlelight vigil before Memorial Day by the Glendale Teachers Assn. in front of the residence of school board President Greg Krikorian ("Protest gets personal," May 25).

The president is only one member of the school board. If the leadership of the union was trying to get across a point regard pending pink slips, then the fair, balanced and equitable way to handle the vigil would be to include all of the five board members.

I also question the decision making of the Glendale Teachers Assn. board in making Krikorian an example. What was achieved here? Did this action save money, time, or any valuable resources?

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