Mailbag: Give students reasons to learn history

July 05, 2010

I agree with Patricia Massie, ("Country is lacking of patriotism," June 30) in that some people know nothing about U.S. history. The U.S. government should provide better budgets for schools in order to offer more American history classes at different levels of education.

Schools should also inspire students to attend theaters that offer American history plays and provide a special student discount on the theater tickets.

In addition, students should be encouraged to participate and be awarded for their performance.

When our society becomes more knowledgeable about its history, they will know the value of being an American and should be more thankful about the opportunities here.


Melani Dirghazarianmalhami


Kids should go outside, stay away from TV

Children are becoming zombies to television and putting off more productive activities such as those offered by the program Michael J. Arvizu wrote about. ("In the Classroom: Summer shapes up nicely," June 29).

Too much of anything can have negative consequences, including television. Children need to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep them in shape. Instead, children waste their time watching superheroes.

The opportunities children have to be outdoors and exercise while having fun is tremendous. In this hot weather, students should be at parks making new friends. Parents should make sure children take advantage of city programs to address those needs.

Lucine Agazaryan


Foreign policy needs complete turnaround

I disagree with Gerry Rankin regarding the timeliness of confronting Turkey regarding the Armenian Genocide ("Genocide happened, but don't rile Turkey now," June 29.) I believe it is critical to acknowledge the truth now because similar tragedies continue to occur.

If the U.S. must live a lie to maintain an alliance with Turkey to pursue objectives in the Middle East and Iran, what does that say about those objectives? Rather than bully other nations with military might, we should pursue diplomatic solutions.

Occupation of Iraq based on lies isn't going well.

Our war in Afghanistan continues into the ninth year with little progress and public disarray in the command structure. The latest ridiculous excuse for staying being we can't leave until we train the Afghan army. What arrogance! Afghanistan is not known as the graveyard of empires because of pacifism or an inability to expel invaders.

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