Mailbag: More police belong on Glenoaks

July 07, 2010

It's safe to say most Glendale and Burbank residents probably don't feel safe driving on the Glendale Speedway, aka Glenoaks Boulevard. It has come to the attention of many motorists that Glenoaks Boulevard has become a very common place for speeders, fast cars and young cruisers.

Glendale and Burbank police have done their part in cracking down, but many residents would agree that not enough has been done. Although the speed limit is 40 mph on the boulevard, it has become more of a speed guideline as it is the average speed, which is more like 50 mph. To prevent any more accidents, such as the involving the young 17-year-old boy who crashed speeding and overtaking vehicles a couple of years ago on Glenoaks at Highland Avenue, police must do more.

I have found myself using Glenoaks when the Ventura (134) Freeway has been jammed. Even in the thickest of traffic, I have witnessed on several occasions young drivers weaving in and out of traffic recklessly, even using the shoulder at times. Without a doubt, I am sure that there will be more casualties on this street as long as police presence remains weak on Glenoaks.


I've seen maybe one or two drivers get caught. In order to help contain this situation, residents must do their part in reporting reckless drivers. Glendale and Burbank police must also increase police presence on major streets where speeding, cruising and even street racing are present, but go on without police intervention.

Marc Anunta


GCC students have no reason to gripe

Regarding the June 29 article "GCC students struggle to find classes," students are not forced to struggle to find classes, they choose to.

It's true that fewer classes are being offered at Glendale Community College, and therefore fewer students get the opportunity of enrolling. But if a student truly goes after their education, they'll earn it. I know this because I've experienced it.

Here are some tips for students to enroll in the classes they want: Stay on schedule, and always take your actions as early as possible, as in take advantage of your priority by registering your classes during the first second of your appointment. Students can also raise their priority by raising their grade-point average, joining the scholars program and being an athlete.

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