Mailbag: Americana puts on a great show

July 14, 2010

It was the second performance of the Glendale Renaissance Orchestra at the Americana at Brand, on the green. It was well-attended with picture-perfect weather ("Concert Review: A classical beat," July 7). It was fabulous!

The conductor was genius. He carried the crowd as if we were feathers. Everyone was smiling, singing along or just attentively listening and enjoying ... and the dancing at the end was such fun.

I am exceedingly proud to be a Glendale resident. Owning my home here since 1970, I have seen nothing quite like what Americana has brought to town.


No need to travel freeway miles to have a wonderful, musical time. We have it right at our doorstep.

Shirley Ann Hill


Sometimes war is the only answer

Regarding the indictment of U.S. foreign policy ("Foreign policy needs complete turnaround," July 5), while reading this letter I could not help thinking of the infamous and failed "Peace in our time" policy of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin, just before the election of Winston Churchill.

The writer's view of what our foreign policy should be is incredibly naïve and incorrect. For example:

The Iraq war was not based on lies. In fact, the war was based, in part, on bad intelligence on the part of all the major Western allies. That said, 30 million people now live in freedom with the right to vote, and an evil dictator has been brought to justice.

While Iraq struggles to stabilize its democratically elected government, the jury is still out on whether this war was the right thing to do. As always, history will be the judge. (Harry Truman looks pretty good 60 years after he was castigated for sending troops to Korea.)

In Afghanistan, Al Qaeda has been all but expelled, and the Taliban, although not yet defeated, has been neutralized. Women of all ages now have access to an education, violent persecution of Afghan citizens has waned, and there is a democratically elected (warts and all) government. As for the command structure, a very competent general made a serious mistake, and President Obama correctly replaced him with an even more competent general. Obama has said this is a war we must win.

Finally, the world we live in is exceedingly dangerous. There will always be Hitlers. The conduct of our foreign policy will always be a challenge. Sometimes, when all efforts at diplomacy fail, war sadly becomes the last resort.

If Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill hadn't understood this sobering fact, we would all be speaking German.

Tim Lewis


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