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Bea Bea's is the place for breakfast

August 14, 2010|By Steve Kindred
(Raul Roa )

Burbank is blessed with a number of restaurants that serve good breakfasts, but none can compare with the recently opened Bea Bea's, whose motto is "Breakfast is Everything." You would be hard-pressed to find a wider selection of eggs, pancakes, waffles and French toast anywhere in Southern California.

Located in the former site of the Santa Fe Café in the Lakeside Shopping Center, Bea Bea's offers a cool vibe as soon as you walk in, with its art deco decorations and lighting, and pastel-colored wallpaper. But it's what's in the kitchen that is really cool: a chef who knows how to please your palate.

My 10,000 taste buds were all in paradise when I ordered the Blue Hawaiian. It's not a cocktail, but rather their yummy pancakes topped with fresh blueberries, bananas and diced macadamia nuts. The fruit was obviously hand selected and cut, and not a bad berry in the bunch, as is often the case at busy restaurants. Then there's the Pacific Island pancakes, with bananas, coconut and caramelized walnuts.


Kids may not make it past this part of the menu, what with pancakes that come with s'mores, or the Chocolate Tuxedo — chocolate chips and brownie pieces topped with mascarpone cream, whipped cream and powdered sugar. There are 17 French toast selections and another 18 waffle and crepe selections. I loved the Oh Em Gee: melt-in your mouth Hawaiian French toast with sweet cinnamon honey butter. This stuff would put almost any pancake or waffle house to shame!

All well and good, but my test of a great breakfast is how this chef does the eggs. Kindred's choice — the Veggie Veggie scramble — perfectly scrambled eggs with veggie chorizo (the herbs and spices make it taste good, but you won't mistake it for meat), tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, onions and feta cheese.

Bea Bea's also passed the English muffin test. Even the most expensive restaurants will bring them to you old, stale or burnt. Bea Bea's was nicely toasted, oven fresh and delicious.

If you're looking for more traditional breakfast items, Bea Bea's has those, too. Bacon and eggs, a breakfast burrito, bagel and lox, and many more.

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