A Balcony View: Common knowledge is getting expensive

September 20, 2010|By Gary Huerta

Those of us who write weekly columns know that coming up with topics can be problematic on occasion. This week was one of those times for me.

For the last few days, I thought I had a topic. I read a letter in the Mailbag section of the Glendale News-Press that got my journalist juices flowing. In her letter, Debi Devens believed that allowing President Obama to be heard in schools equated to indoctrination of our children. I was all set to blast the "Gary Fury" her way. Unfortunately, another reader, Claudette Moody, beat me to the punch with a fabulous and rational retort of her own. Rats!

With no other topic in mind, I was about to let my editor, Dan Evans, know that my well was dry and I had nothing to write about this week. But then, out of the parched topical desert of my mind came my personal lord and savior, North Star Destination Strategies. I could actually hear the choir singing in my mind.


Oh frabjous day.

Calloo! Callay! They had worked on our brand, and had something to say!

According to Kari Harris, North Star's spokeswoman, "A survey of upscale Angelenos who live outside the city shows people know Glendale is between Pasadena and Burbank. But they really don't know where Glendale is. It's a clean city, but there isn't much to do."

In movies, this is where the music stops, the actors freeze and the sound of a needle scratching across a vinyl album can be heard.

Are you kidding me? We (and by we, I mean Glendale officials) waited months and agreed to pay thousands of dollars to hear that people outside of Glendale know our geographic proximity, and that we're boring?

Attention Glendale City Council and Glendale Chamber of Commerce: I would have told you this for half the money in half the time. And if I'm too expensive, my 9- year-old daughter would have told you the same thing for a couple of boring movie passes and a ho-hum frozen yogurt.

But wait, there's more! It seems that surveys of 537 people living in and around Glendale have revealed additional Earth-shattering, perception-altering revelations: Glendale is a great location, it has a healthy business mix, cultural diversity and a well-run municipality, and enhanced entertainment options would be the best way to draw more people here. Thank you for defining virtually every small city in America.

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