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Magazine salutes women who give

September 28, 2010|By Ruth Sowby
(Ruth Sowby )

How does one get on the cover of Business Life magazine? Become a local Woman of Achievement. You do that by being a hardworking, selfless and passionate leader in Glendale, Burbank and the surrounding communities. A total of 39 women were introduced during a 20th anniversary celebration with a gala banquet on Sept. 22 at the Hilton Glendale.

In addition to the 19 Women Achievers honored for 2010, another 20, called Women Extraordinaire, were chosen from more than 325 women honored during the years 1990 to 2010.

This year's 19 Women Achievers are, representing Glendale, Paula Devine, Louisa Gourjian, Judee Kendall, Dawn Lindsay, Kim Milstein, Liz Mirzaian and Rima Abedi-Sagherian. Burbank recipients are Debbie Kukta, Brenda Lantieri and Anja Reinke. More of this year's honored women are Aleen Boladian-Kaypekian, Alice Griselle, Julie Gutierrez, Gail Lara, Sandra Mejia, Stacie Olivares Howard, Anita Quinonez Gabrielian, Martha Rood and Juanita West-Tillman.

Master of ceremonies Greg Krikorian juggled several hats. Krikorian is president of the Glendale Unified School District Board of Education and Business Life Executive vice president. The evening's delightful surprise was his awarding of the "Unsung Hero Award" to his mother, breast cancer survivor Elsie Krikorian.


Business Life magazine, in partnership with the Foothill Workforce Investment Board, will present the 2010 Foothill Business Form on Oct. 20.


World famous artist Vladimir Atanian has been living modestly in Glendale for 18 years. On Sunday, Atanian's 50-year artistic career, along with his 70th birthday year, was celebrated with a free art exhibition at the Glendale Pacific Community Center.

Dozens of art patrons had the opportunity to view and potentially buy 47 of Atanian's paintings and sculptures. Also available for purchase was a coffee-table-type book with lush representations of the multifunctional artist's work as painter, sculptor, ceramist and decorator.

Known informally as the "Armenian Picasso," Atanian is responsible for creating the nine colorama cubes made out of acrylic and aluminum that hang from the ceiling at the entrance to the Community Center. He also painted three 10-by-10-foot murals as a permanent installation on the façade of the Burbank Artist Colony Building.

In 2003, Atanian established the Atanian Art Center School of Fine Art & Design in Glendale. Currently more than 200 elementary and high school students take classes, some of which Atanian teaches.

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