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Education Matters: Good causes aplenty

October 01, 2010|By Dan Kimber

Editor's Note: Numerous instances of plagiarism have been discovered in Dan Kimber’s “Education Matters” column, which ran in the News- Press from September 2003 to September 2011. In those columns where plagiarism has been found, a For the Record specifying the details will be appended to the piece.

This week I'm passing along a few upcoming events that should be of interest to quite a few of you. Each one invites your participation, so read on.

A former Hoover grad, Bill Collins, is staging a multi-class Hoover High School reunion called Groovapalooza. Officially the event is for any Hoover alumni (teachers and students) from the 1970s. It will be held at Memorial Park in La Cañada from 3 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 9.


There will be food, soft drinks and live music. Most everything with the exception of parking costs are being donated. A $20-per-person donation is requested to cover costs, and to make a donation to the Arts and Music Department at Hoover High School. Many who will be participating in Groovapalooza have gone on to careers that involve arts and entertainment and would like to show their appreciation for their old alma mater.

Tickets are payable in advance and must be purchased by Tuesday, or if you're bringing your own food, a $10 donation is requested at the door.

Send checks (and make payable) to: Bill Collins, 1546 Glenmont Drive, Glendale, CA 91207

This is a great two-for-one deal with attendees connecting with old friends and all contributing to a very worthy cause. There's always a fear that cutbacks in school spending will, as it often has in the past, fall heaviest on the arts.

Some of us in the education business believe that should be the last, and not the first, place to cut funding. Be that as it may, many of the programs in our schools that used to be publicly supported are now relying upon community and volunteer efforts, fundraisers etc. just to buy basic supplies.

And speaking of connecting with old friends, Crescenta Valley is celebrating its 50th year as a high school, and all are welcome to come to an open house at the school from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday. Former principals, teachers and lots of fellow classmates will be in attendance.

Tables will be set up for each decade with displays, food booths, a pictorial history of the school and various performances for everyone's entertainment.

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